'Truble in Eee is the first game The Trystan Show ever created.It was first created on September 23,2014. How to play #Look at the lands.If there is a land with a lock on it it meens the land is locked but if the land has a lock that is open then you can go in there. #Your first land is the Cool Kingdom.Make shure to go there.
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People who live thereEdit

Cool King Top Gard Gards Sidasons Amber Teers Nick Sosomorieonis


Kingdom Color Orange 

Top Color Red Flag Color Pinkish Red Bottom Color Light Green Gate Color Black  Inside Walls Color Dark Green

Cool Kings Room Color YellowEdit


The Dark Gang are Villins and a gang that make everything dark.


The are the number 1 Villins


Dark King - As the leader, he boses the Dark Gang and let them do his bitting. 

Dark Tyler- He is the Dark King's sidekick. 

Dark T.S.- He is just like Trashey Smithey but he is in the dark gang.


Cool PeopleEdit




The following list is of episodes in which all characters are seen.

  • The Dark Problum
  • The Fanale


  • Their leader is Navy Brad.
  • Dark King is a stupid leader of the most wanted villins.
  • Dark Tyler is a stick figure that has a sword and slices everything Dark King says.
  • Dark T.S. was first seen in The Dark Problum.
  • Their all first apperinces are The Dark Problum.


Main article: Dark Gang/Gallery


Season 1
Navy Gang : Navy Brad / Navyfentle / Navy Bully
Tell Now Gang
 : Tell Now Leader / Tell Now Sidekick / Tell Now Wimp
Dark Gang : Dark King / Dark Tyler / Dark Trashey Smithey
Cool People
Cool King / Top Gard / Amber Teers Nick
Season 2
Peeps: Deffentlee / Super Peep

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