Season 1

    episode #           episode                                image

 Episode 1

  The Thing

IT01 00645

 Episode 2

  The House

IT01 00647

 Episode 3

   Pain bus

IT01 00602

 Episode 4


IT01 00663

 Episode 5

   The Run

IT01 00656

 Episode 6

   The Time

IT01 00647

 Episode 7

 The Thing 2

IT01 00645

 Episode 8

  The Run 2

IT01 00656

 Episode 9

    It's Time 

IT01 00659

Episode 10

  The Run 3

IT01 00656

Episode 11

     Up To

IT01 00654

Episode 12

The Dublacint

IT01 00648

                               Other Page to go on

IT01 00638

Navy Brad


Navy Brad                      

       Here are some Videos of Season 1

            Preview of The Thing

Preview of The Thing00:49

Preview of The Thing


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